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KB01630 - UHD-HDVS-300 & Lumens Camera


Solution: Supporting Lumens Cameras and other similar USB webcams



 - TX/RX minimum MCU firmware version 1.0.15

  - FW Files:  


Use Case:

Certain USB devices request for higher USB bandwidths during USB enumeration; this PKG file includes modifications to Valens UPT options, to support such devices. This file should be used when difficulties are encountered such as USB host (e.g PC) not picking up USB devices connected to the remote USB HUB ports. 



1.) Verify UHD-HDVS-300-KIT is operating normally at the above minimum firmware versions

2.) Log into the web interface and load HDVS300FWpack_Tx_Param1 & HDVS300FWpack_Rx_Param1 

Note: The following message should be displayed after loading each file

3.) Once both firmware has been successfully loaded, per update messages pictured above, power cycle the system by disconnecting and reconnecting the DC 48V connector on RX. Rebooting power to Tx but not to Rx, will not accomplish this step. This step cannot be skipped. 

4.)Back up device settings if any, then trigger a factory reset using “Mreset” IP command, or using the web interface “Reset Now” button located under Control tab. RX or TX USB HUB may not function, if this step is skipped. 

5.) Verify USB devices (e.g Lumens Camera) connected over USB HUB, are picked up by USB host. You should also see 2x Generic USB Hub, which represents the individual TX and RX USB hubs.

Note: If using Windows 10 and some Dell or Lenovo computers, the RX USB hub might not be recognized after a reboot of the computer. If you run into this challenge, see this article.


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