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KB01560 - AT-ANC-108D Default Network Settings


Subject: AT-ANC-108D Default Network Settings

By default, the AT-ANC-108D arrives from the factory with DHCP-enabled.

When the AT-ANC-108D is reset to factory-default, however, the AT-ANC-108D is loaded with the following static network settings:

IP Address:
Net Submask:
Default Gateway:

To access the AT-ANC-108D at this point, you will need to set your computer to a static IP address (that is not in the network.

KB01562 - How to set a static IP address on a Mac

KB01567 - How to Set Static IP on a Windows 10 PC

After changing your computer's IP address, you can then find the AT-ANC-108D in AMS and configure its IP, at which point you can then revert your computer's network settings.

Article ID: KB01560

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