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KB01439 - No video when using non-HDBaseT extender on the output of a LINE-PRO5-GEN2/LINE-PRO4-GEN2


Subject: I am using AT-LINE-PRO5-GEN2 and extending the video on the output by using the AT-HD4-SI40SRS or AT-HD4-V40SRS extenders and when the switcher goes through a power cycle (goes OFF/ON), why am I unable to get any video when the LINE-PRO5-GEN2 turns back on?

Explanation:  This issue is possible due to EDID being lost at the source end. To remedy this, try learning EDID from your displays using the SI40/V40’s EDID learn capabilities.  In addition to this, please make sure the AT-LINE-PRO5-GEN2 is on the latest firmware.

Article ID: KB01439 

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