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KB01107 - How to do an EDID learn on the AT-HD4-SI40SR/AT-HD4-V40SRS


Atlona recommends performing an EDID learn on the AT-HD4-SI40SRS and AT-HD4-V40SRS Extenders for optimal performance.

To do an EDID learn:

  1. Disconnect all cabling from transmitting module and take transmitting and power supply over to the display location.
  2. Connect the HDMI display to “HDMI IN” on the TX module with a short HDMI cable.
  3. Set mode dial on the transmitting module of extender kit to 7.                                          
  4. Connect the transmitting module to the power supply. You can borrow the power supply from the RX unit since you are at the TV where the RX is located.         
  5. The LED lights on the RJ45 of the transmitting module will dim and light again, which indicates the EDID learning is complete.                                                                                                
  6. Leave the mode dial on mode 7 and simply plug the transmitting back in where it is supposed to reside.

It is also recommended you turn the EQ dial on the Receiver unit depending on the length of your CAT cable: 


  • Set the arrow to MAX for cables 100-130ft long
  • Set the arrow to Vertical for cables 50-100ft
  • Set to the right (horizontally) for cables 10-50ft

Below is a Youtube video showing the EDID Learn Process;



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