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KB01395 - How to set the RON-444 into firmware update mode


Subject: How to set the RON-444 into firmware update mode


To update the firmware on the RON-444 you will need:  

1. A Windows PC running Win 7 or Win 8 and 10 in safemode

2. A USB (male) type A to (male) mini type B USB cable

3. The firmware file for the RON unit 

Once you have all the necessary parts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Push and hold the EDID button while plugging power into the unit. Release the EDID button after reconnecting power.
  2. Connect the USB cable after releasing the EDID button
  3. Unit will blink for 15 sec then come up when power was applied
  4. Click and drag the firmware file into the newly opened drive (the drive should be empty but if you see any files, clear them out)
  5. Remove power from the unit
  6. Unplug the USB cable
  7. After 30 seconds power the unit back on

Article ID: KB01395 

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