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KB01389 - PC computers are unable to pass video to specific 4K Samsung displays when used with the RON-444


Subject: PC computers are unable to pass video to specific 4K Samsung displays when used with the RON-444

Scenario: When using any brand of windows PC as an input to the RON-444 with a Samsung 4K display on the output of the RON, video is unable to pass.

You may see a message saying, “not supported” or a green image with sparkles.


  • Verify that you receive signal on another display (preferably not another 4K Samsung display). LG, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, Sharp and other display manufacturers are not affected.
  • If you are unable to get video signal on other displays, check your HDMI cables or any other product used in the signal path.
  • It is recommended to bypass all other equipment and use a short HDMI (under 10ft on the input and output for testing).

If this does not help in providing video, please see the steps below.


A firmware update can be performed on the RON-444 which will change the way it outputs a signal to one that is supported by the Samsung display. This firmware can be found here.

To perform the firmware update please follow the steps below:

What is required for the update:

  1. Laptop or a PC running Windows OS 7 (the current loaded Firmware doesn't support Windows 8.x/10)
  2. USB to miniUSB cable
  3. Firmware 1.0.02 saved on your desktop of the PC

 To perform the update:

  1. Power off the RON-444 by disconnecting the power supply
  2. Connect the USB cable between your Laptop / PC and the AT-RON-444 device
  3. Press and hold the "EDID" button while reconnecting power - this action will trigger the USB Upgrade mode and cause the RON-444 to show up as a new drive:
  4. The AT-RON-444 will act as a USB drive, at this point please drag and drop the (copy, past) the provided Firmware to the AT-RON-444 unit
  5. wait for the front LED to flash and at the end of the process disconnect the device from your Laptop / PC and connect your source and displays
  6. Feel free to power cycle the RON-444 and try passing video to a Samsung 4K display. Video show now pass. If you still have video pass through issues, please see this article for how to perform an EDID learn on the RON-444 unit.

 Article ID: KB01389 


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