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KB01287 - How to perform an EDID learn on the RON unit

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Subject: How to perform an EDID learn on an RON unit


The Rondo distribution amplifiers from Atlona come with EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) set to INT (Internal). Internal EDID the ability to learn EDID from an output (display/projector).  The Internal EDID will be the internal EDID of the RON unit (i.e. it will show it supports up to 4K @ 60hz HDR10, 4:4:4) however, some display’s may have an EDID that is different than the RON’s INT EDID and thus may not accept video formatted to the RON’s INT EDID.

As such, if you find that your display is not receiving a video signal from the RON unit, its recommended to an EDID learn. The steps to performing an EDID learn are:

  1. Connect a display to output #1 of the RON unit. It is recommended to bypass any other devices (extenders, HDMI cables exceeding 30ft/10m or scalers/converters). If you can connect a TV that is already playing back video/audio from the RON, it will be ideal to learn EDID from as we know its signal path can pass video/audio. EDID from one brand or model of TV/projector is very likely to be understood by another brand or model.
  2. Once you have connected a display/projector using a known good HDMI cable, turn on the display/projector.
  3. Once the display/projector is ON, press and hold the EDID button until the “LEARN” light illuminates:
  4. After EDID has been learned, it is recommended to power all TV’s off and power them back on a second or two later. This will allow the new EDID format to pass.
  5. If you find that all displays are happy playing back video/audio at the new EDID format, you should not have any concerns. If you find that one display/projector is not passing video or audio, you may want to repeat steps 1-4 after connecting this display to output 1. If you have already tried this, try another display or see if the INT EDID allows the proper signal to pass.

If you find a display that does not accept EDID from the RON and you have eliminated all other devices from the signal path, please contact Atlona Support for more help.

Article ID: KB01287


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