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KB01215 - How to enable/disable UHD-PRO3 front panel key lock.

SKU: AT-UHD-PRO3 Matrix Series

Subject: How to enable/disable front panel key lock.


The AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix allows you to lock the front panel to prevent accidental button press’s (i.e. selecting an unwanted input). If this is enabled, the front panel cannot be accessed and thus you are unable to switch inputs, make EDID changes or view system info using the front panel display. You will then rely on either RS232, TCP/IP or IR communication.

Key Lock can be enabled via RS232 or TCP/IP (i.e. the web interface)

To enable Key Lock via RS232:

  1. Connect to the matrix using your favorite serial program. For help on this process, see this article.
  2. Send the command “Lock” followed by a carriage return. Please note “Lock” is case sensitive and must be sent without the quotation marks.
  3. To unlock the unit, send the command “Unlock” followed by a carriage return.

To enable/disable Key Lock via the web interface:

  1. Log into the web interface and access the “Control” tab. For help accessing the web interface, see this article.
  2. Once under control, click the ON or OFF button for Key Lock:

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