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KB01200 - How to enable the use of the analog audio output of the OMNIStream Pro decoder

SKU: AT- OMNI-121, AT-OMNI-122


Objective: How to enable the analog audio output on an OmniStream decoder


Prerequisite: Purchase the optional Power Supply PN: AT-PS-483125-C


To connect the Power Supply to the decoder:

  1. Disconnect the LAN cable(s) from the decoder so the unit powers off completely.
    • Power is not hot-swappable. The decoder will not automatically switch between PoE and analog power
    • There are know issues with Cisco Catalyst switches supplying PoE while analog power is connected. It is recommended to disable PoE on the ports connected to the decoders that are using analog power.
  2. Connect the AT-PS-48125-C to the decoder using the supplied orange phoenix connector
    • Black is negative "-" and White is positive "+"
  3. Reconnect the LAN cable(s) to the decoder

To enable analog audio on the decoder via the decoder’s web-GUI:

  1. Access the web-GUI of the decoder. For additional help, please see this article.
  2. Navigate to the HDMI Output Tab
  3. Scroll Down to the Audio Section
  4. Enable the Analog power selection by moving it to the right
  5. Click save at the bottom of the settings to apply this change
  6. Analog Power will show as green when the decoder is successfully using Analog Power - you might need to refresh the page to see the change


To enable analog audio on a decoder via Velocity - AMS Device Manager:

  1. Login to the Velocity VM running on your computer, for instructions on installing the Velocity VM on your computer: see this article
  2. Open AMS Device Manager
    1. Click the upper left menu button
    2. Select Management
    3. Click AMS Device Manager
  3. Select OMNI-121 or OMNI-122 from the Device List
  4. Select the HDMI Output Tab
  5. Scroll down to the Audio Section and click Show Advanced
  6. Toggle Analog Power to On by toggling the slider to the right
  7. Press Save at the bottom of the page
  8. Analog Power Status will show as green when the decoder is successfully on Analog Power

Verify Audio on the analog output

  1. Connect the analog audio output to a powered speaker, DSP, or audio amplifier
  2. At a minimum, a multicast IP address must be entered into IP Input 3
    • If this decoder is being used for just audio, video is not needed for audio to be de-embedded
      mceclip12.png mceclip13.png
  3. Verify Status shows LPCM 2CH audio
  4. If you see an alarm show up and you have the power supply connected, try removing the power supply and LAN cable(s) from the unit. Then reconnect the power supply and then reconnect the LAN cable(s).



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