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KB01182 - How to search for and add an Atlona device to AMS


Subject: How to search for and add an Atlona device to AMS


To add a device to AMS (via DHCP):

  1. Find your computers IP information by going to Command Prompt (you can click the start menu and type "CMD") and type "IPCONFIG" into the text window. The program will then reply with your computers network information. Locate the Ethernet or LAN adapter (make sure you are not looking at WiFi settings):
  2. Confirm the device you plan to add to AMS is set to be issued an IP address via DHCP, otherwise if you have set the Atlona device to a static IP address, see this article
  3. Click on “Start”
  4. Select “Add Device”
  5. Choose “Network”
  6. Next, click the Paper icon in the top left corner to go to the network settings:
  7. Choose your desired network scan settings such as scanning a specific IP range or an entire network. Enter your specific network IP info and subnet:


  1. Next, the network scan will run and locate any Atlona devices on the network and reject the devices it finds that are on the network but are not Atlona devices (and thus cannot be managed via AMS):
  2. Once the network scan is completed, you can close it out and see the global view in AMS with all recently discovered devices:
  3. From, here, you can double click on each device to access its settings:

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