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KB01180 - Some sources work fine on all TV’s but other sources do not work on all TV’s

SKU: AT-UHD-PRO3 series matrix             

Subject: Some sources work fine on all TV’s but other sources do not work on all TV’s


  • Check if the outputs that have issues playing back video work fine with other sources, if so, see below.
  • If certain outputs don’t work with any display, see this article for troubleshooting outputs
  • If certain outputs only work with certain sources, try swapping the sources that have issues with the inputs where other, working sources are connectedà does this allow the previously problematic source to work fine now?
  • If swapping inputs resolves issues for a source that previously had problems, check if a source that previously worked fine in one input has problems now that it’s connected to a new input.
  • If a particular input has issues playing video, please see below.
  • If swapping inputs resolved issues for a source that previously had issues, it may have had difficulty getting the correct EDID info and has now obtained this info by being connected to a new input. Please see below for locking down EDID.


The AT-UHD-PRO3 matrix features EDID management capabilities. These allow you to manipulate the EDID of each input to better match the requirements of your system (i.e. the displays or audio equipment used on the output of the unit).

To correct issues where one source is not working on some TV’s:

  1. You will need to access the EDID settings of the UHD-PRO3, this can be done either via the web interface, the front panel of the unit or via RS232. The steps below will go over the easiest method which is using the Web-GUI. For information on how to adjust EDID using the front panel, see this article.
  2. To access the web interface of the matrix, please enter its IP address into an internet browser on a PC that is on the same network as the matrix. For additional help accessing the web interface, see this article.
  3. Once in the web interface, navigate to the EDID tab found on the left column:

Please note, the number of inputs shown will depend on your UHD-PRO3 model. The 6x6 model is shown here with 6 inputs.

  1. The default EDID is ATL 1080p 2ch which is 1080P video with 2 channel (stereo) audio. If you find a source that does not like this EDID or requires a greater audio/video format, feel free to select a format from the list below:
  2. If you find that the INT (internal) EDID’s do not provide better performance, please consider learning the EDID from a display that has the best performance and setting this EDID to all your inputs. For help in how to learn EDID from an output and save it to an input, please see this article.
  3. If you continue to have issues with a specific output displaying an image, you may have problems with that runs specific CAT cable, HDMI cable, HDBaseT receiver, input on the TV/the TV itself, electromagnetic interference or issues with any other device used between the output of the HDBaseT receiver and the input of the TV. To troubleshoot this, please see this article.

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