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KB01179 - Certain outputs do not pass video, others work fine


Subject: Certain outputs do not pass video, others work fine.


  • Check if the output that is not working has a solid link and power light on its Atlona HDBaseT receiver :
  • If you notice that the link light (orange) is blinking, please try another receiver (preferably from a working output) in this location.
  • Does the link light remain solid with another receiver or does the link light continue to blink?
  • If the link light is solid with another receiver, please try installing the original receiver that had a blinking link light in another location to see if you are able to get a solid link light. If you are unable to get a solid link light on this receiver no matter where you connect it but other receivers work fine on the same CAT cable, you may have an incompatible or faulty receiver.
  • If the link light is not solid when another receiver is tried, please unplug the CAT cable that connected the original and 2nd receiver (from the output of the matrix) and connect this cable to another port, preferably one where we can see another CAT run has a solid link.
  • If moving the CAT cable to another port allows both receivers (the original one and the 2nd one being tested) to have solid link lights, this implies there might be an issue with the CAT output and resetting the matrix can help restore functionality. Please see this article for more info.
  • If moving the CAT run and HDBaseT receiver to a new CAT port still prevents you from getting a solid link light, you may have an issue with the specific CAT run. Please test these receivers on another CAT cable to confirm that they are able to provide solid link lights.
  • You may want to re-terminate the existing cable to see if you can get a link, if not, it's recommended to check the cable and ensure its not near any electrical devices that may cause electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • While it’s OK to use EZ-RJ45 CAT connectors, excess wire exposed on the RJ45 plug can cause the cable to short circuit when connected inside of a metal RJ45 port (such as those on the Atlona matrix and extenders). If you are using EZ-RJ45’s, trim down as much of the CAT cable coming out of the tip of the RJ45 connector as possible.


After attempting the steps above, if you still have issues getting a signal to pass on a specific output, no matter where this output is connected, please see below:  

If we are certain there are no issues with the output port of the matrix (other cables work when connected to it) or that the CAT cable and HDBaseT receiver are not a problem (we can take another TV and place it on this CAT cable and HDBaseT receiver and get video) then the problem may be that this TV is not getting the proper EDID information to display video.

  • Learning its EDID and applying it to the inputs can help resolve this issue.

To learn EDID from an output using the web interface see this article, to learn EDID using the front panel see this article.

  • If you are still unable to get video to pass after learning the EDID of the display/projector in question and applying this EDID to all the inputs, then you may have a problem with that specific TV. Please contact the display manufacturer to confirm there are no firmware updates or troubleshooting steps to allow this display to work. Otherwise, you may want to replace the display/projector with another one.



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