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KB01178 - Getting IP address on either the 200-RX or 200-TX but not both units (unit without an IP address shows “”)


Subject: Getting IP address on either the 200-RX or 200-TX but not both units (unit without an IP address shows “”)


  • Check that your network has enough DHCP address’ available (if the network does not have enough address’ available (due to other devices using up all available IP’s), only one device may get an IP address assigned)
  • Make sure you are only connecting a LAN to either the RX or TX (not both) - Connecting to both can cause network issues
  • Check that your Ethernet cable connected to the unit without an IP address is not faulty. Try swapping cables between the unit with an IP address and one that doesn’t to see if the issue follows the Ethernet cable.


If you are unable to get an IP address after trying the steps above, please try the following:


  1. Connect to the TX or RX using a serial cable. For information on how to create a DB9 to captive screw cable, please see this article. You will need to use a serial program (such as HTerm) to connect to the unit. For help on how to use Hterm, please see this article.
  2. After establishing a connection via HTerm, send the following command to check the current DHCP status of the unit: “IPDHCP sta + <carriage return>”
  3. If DHCP is turned on (response provided after sending command in step 2 is “IPDHCP on” ) then your network may not be able to issue an IP address to the Atlona.
  4. You can set the HDVS-200-TX or 200-TX-WP to a static address by pressing and holding the INPUT button for 15 seconds. You can confirm that DHCP was turned off when you see the DISPLAY button flash 4 times.
  5. After turning off DHCP via the process in step 4, the new IP address of the unit is:, Subnet: and gateway:
  6. The same can be done for the HDVS-200-RX by pressing and holding the AUTO button for 15 seconds. The MENU button will flash 4 times to confirm DHCP is off. The unit will have the same IP information as seen in step 5. Please make sure not to set both the TX and RX to static at the same time as this would cause difficulty in accessing each unit’s respective web-gui when it shares the same IP info as another device on the network.
  7. After setting a device to a static IP, please access its web interface and under the network settings, choose a different IP address of your liking.
  8. If you only needed to access the web-gui to make some settings adjustments, feel free to do so using a static IP address and then go back to DHCP on. The settings saved under a static IP will be saved.
  9. You can turn DHCP back on by repeating the process done on the TX and RX units. On the 200-TX and 200-TX-WP the DISPLAY button will flash 2 times to show DHCP is back on. The RX will flash its MENU button 2 times to confirm DHCP is back on.

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