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AT-WAVE-101 - How to add digital signage using DAKboard


These steps are here to show you how to connect your DAKboard to your wave so you can use it as digital signage. 


  • DAKboard account set up
  • DAKboard Screen that is set up
    • For assistance with DAKboard please check out their support page here.
  • Access to the WebGUI of the wave-101

Step One

  • From the main dashboard of your, DAKboard you will want to go to Displays & Devices this can be found on the left-hand side.



Step Two

  • Click on the ADD button to create a new display


Step Three

  1. Select the three dots on the right side to open up the drop-down menu. 
  2. Click on info 



Step Four

  1. Name the device you are adding. For example, I named mine Wave
  2. Select the Assigned screen you have made
  3. Click save when you are done



Step Five

  • The last thing you need from the DAKboard website is the Display URL
  • Copy this URL or leave it up while we transition to the Wave webgui



Step Six

  • Head to the Welcome Screen section from the left-hand side menu


Step Seven

  1. Enable the digital signage feature in the top right
  2. Paste the URL from DAKboard that we copied in step five
    1. Optionally you can also toggle the Room name and PIN below the URL
  3. Click save when you are done




  • After you have clicked save, your digital signage should be up and running.
  • Ensure your wave is connected to the internet if you have issues getting this to work. 






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