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Sending a Zone Command with Spaces


Summary: When sending a Zone command using one of the two switchers above, the display command must not contain any ASCII space characters. In order to send a "space", it must be converted to a hex value \x20. So when using the built-in telnet emulator in the web GUI, you would send something like:


The difficulty becomes when you have a control system that interprets hex characters, then the space character is received by the 510W/MS52W as a normal space character. When doing this, you will get a response that contains "message":"Incorrect number of parameters". 

To work around this, we must convert the "space" hex character \x20 to hex again. Using a conversion website like, we convert \x20 to \x5c\x78\x32\x30. We would likewise convert any necessary carriage return for the display command to hex as well, so \x0D would be converted to \x5c\x78\x30\x44. 

So in the above example, the control system would now send, Zone:SendCmd 1 PWR\x5c\x78\x32\x30ON\x5c\x78\x30\x44<CR>. The control system will handle the first hex to ascii translation and will send Zone:SendCmd 1 PWR\x20ON\x0D to the switcher. The switcher will then handle the second HEX to ASCII conversion. 

Note: Only the carriage return for the display command needs to be double converted. 

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