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AT-HDVS-CAM/HDMI Firmware Update



Problem: You receive an error code when trying to upload firmware to an HDVS-CAM or HDVS-CAM-HDMI. You also notice the MCU FW on the web UI shows 0.0.0.


Solution: You must have an active USB host connection from a PC to the camera for firmware to load.

It does not have to be the computer that is being used to load firmware as the file is not transferred via USB. It can be any PC with an available USB port. 

If the USB connection is running through an extender, please make sure there is a PC connected to the host port of that extender. 

Once you have an active USB host connection at the camera, you will be able to successfully load the firmware file. 


Permanent Solution: We have resolved the need for an active USB connection as of HDVS-CAM - 2.4.7 and HDVS-CAM-HDMI - 2.5.9.


If you continue to have challenges please Contact Us via phone, email, or chat. 

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