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PRO3 Matrix analog audio when using with Control4 - Best Practices


Audio Routing Issues: 

Matrix into a Matrix routing inside Control4 can sometime produce unexpected results.

We have seen cases where Control4 determines that the PRO3 driver has the ability to matrix the Analog audio independent of video, which is not the case. The Analog audio is directly de-embedded from the HDBT output.

One way to see If this issue will affect you is to watch the lua in Control4 when changing sources in a zone. The commands for input 1 to output 1 would be x1AVx1 sent to the matrix, but if Control4 is using a different audio route you would see a second command with a different output like x1AVx2.

This shows us that Control4 is using the HDBT1 for video and is Listening to Output 2 Analog audio.

This works fine when there is only one room in use, but now if room 2 watches a source other than the source routed to Room 1 you would see 2 new commands be sent: x2AVx2 and x2AVx3. 

This has now changed the Analog audio in Room 1 to the Video source in Room 2. 

To resolve this in Control4 we need to get the Audio for the Analog outputs to only be recognized as connected to the Video. We do this with a Control4 AV Local Source Driver.



Making the Audio connections through the Local Source Driver essentially locks the Analog 1 to the room associated with the HDBT TV. This also in turn stops all other zones from being able to use Analog 1 output for Audio in other zones, which will keep the TVs Video and Audio matched. This WILL break the Audio only zones from having access to the sources directly since this breaks Video zones audio.



If there are Audio Zones that need access to these sources' audio directly, they should be routed directly to the Audio matrix and not be using the Atlona Matrix to extract the HDMI Audio.

















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