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Velocity - VTP - How to manually rotate VTP if it is not auto-rotating

SKUs:  AT-VTP-550,  AT-VTP-800, AT-VSP-800

Summary:  If the VTP is not rotating to the desired screen orientation, this can be done manually to lock into the desired orientation (i.e., Portrait or Landscape)

What Velocity firmware are you on?

  • If you are on 2.5.1 and above, follow first step
  • If you are on 2.5.0 and below, skip to the adb setup section

Note: Updating firmware after a system has already been programmed may result in programming issues and is not always recommended. If you are starting a new install, we recommend updating to the latest firmware first. 

Velocity 2.5.1 and above

  • Make sure you already have a VTP added to your Velocity room


  • At the bottom of your VTP card, you will see two screens with locks.
    • The left one is for landscape
    • The right one is for portrait


  • Once you select one, it will take about 5 seconds to rotate, and you will get a pop-up saying, "Panel rotated successfully"


adb setup preparation

  • Download and install Platform Tools for your OS (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
    • Follow the instructions from the Platform-Tools installer
  • Ensure your computer and the Velocity Touch Panel are on the same network/subnet

Note: The instructions below are for Windows only.

Step Two - Starting up adb


  • Navigate to the folder your platform-tools installed in and look for the adb.exe. You can leave this open.
    • Open the command prompt
      • search 'cmd' and hit enter on your windows pc 
    • Put your command prompt and file explorer windows side by side

Step Three  - Connecting to your VTP

  • Type the following command:
    • adb connect [touch panel IP address]
  • Example: adb connect

Tip: If you are having issues with the device saying disconnected or failed attempts, you will want to ensure you are not on any Wi-Fi or different VLAN/network segment from the touch panel. 

Step four  - Disable Auto-rotation

  • Wait for VTP to connect
  • Once connected, you will want to send the command to disable the auto-rotate:
    • Copy and paste the text below into your command prompt and enter to send. 

Tip: Right-click will paste the command into the command prompt

adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:accelerometer_rotation --bind value:i:0

Step Five  - Changing the orientation

  • After this, you will want to force the panel to the orientation you need

Portrait mode

adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:user_rotation --bind value:i:0


landscape mode

adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/system --bind name:s:user_rotation --bind value:i:3


  • The VTP will rotate a few seconds after the command is sent and will stay in that orientation 

Step Six  - Disconnect

  • Once completed, type the following command:
    • adb disconnect
  • Close terminal window/Command Prompt

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