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KB01682 - Why there are 2 Ethernet ports on a Velocity Hardware Gateway - VGW-250, VGW-HW-3,10,20


Summary: Why there are two ethernet ports on the Velocity gateway and some common uses.


The Velocity gateway has two ethernet ports so that the gateway can be connected to two separate networks or VLANs at the same time.

This is helpful when you are controlling Omnistream and want to keep the multicast traffic on a separate switch from your other controlled devices. You can connect and configure ethernet 1 for the Omnistream network and ethernet 2 for your AV and control network.

Another common scenario is when you have your AV and control devices on a closed network (no internet access) but want to use the Velocity Cloud to access the gateway remotely. You can configure Ethernet 1 for your closed AV and control network and configure port 2 to be on a network that has internet access so you can access the gateway through Velocity Cloud.


***The two ethernet ports cannot be used as a network switch and cannot pass LAN to each other.
***The two ethernet ports should never be connected or configured to the same VLAN or network.
***The gateway can be configured as a DHCP server on ethernet port #1 but it does not replace a router.

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