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AT-OMNI-238 & Dante Controller: "Device has IP Problems"

When configuring routes for an AT-OMNI-238 with Dante Controller, you may see that the AT-OMNI-238 is Red, and mousing over the device displays the warning "Device has IP Problems":


If your AV subnet falls within the subnet, please See Audinate Configuring Dante Controller and Troubleshooting Dante IP Address Configuration for further information on this matter.

Otherwise, to address these IP problems:

  1. Open the Dante Controller - Device View window by clicking Device > Device View (or press Ctrl + D on PC or Cmd + D on Mac).
  2. In the (Select a Dante interface) dropdown menu, select the AT-OMNI-238:
  3. Dante Controller will display a list of possible causes for the problem, and details specifying that the AT-OMNI-238 primary device address is in a different subnet from Dante Controller's primary interface.

  4. To remedy this, return to the Dante Controller - Network View window and click the mceclip5.png "Choose a Dante interface" icon.
  5. Set the Primary Interface to the subnet of the AT-OMNI-238.
  6. The problem has been resolved and Dante Controller can now make routes in the AT-OMNI-238.

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