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Volume Control in Velocity

There are two options to get volume control at the bottom of a touchpanel:

1.) Room Control Options – Master Audio Device

  • This is used in a basic system where typically a display or projector is going to control the audio. Most of the display/projector drivers are one-way drivers meaning they do not have the ability to send Velocity feedback. The feedback is audible and/or shown on the display.
  • You will typically determine this because there are no audio controls under the edit properties of the device.
  • Setting a Master Audio Device will show a Volume +, Volume -, and Mute button on the bottom of the screen, there will not be a slider




2.) Using a DSP, video switcher, or some other device that has a two-way driver – Master Volume, Master Mute

  • You can usually tell this method applies because there are audio control options under the edit device properties, this would be where you set Master Volume and Master Mute
  • Setting Master Volume and Master mute will show a slider and mute button on the touchpanel.
  • The audio level will be changed when the slider is released.





Setting a Master Audio Device and Setting Master Volume/Mute are NOT to be used at the same time. You will use one or the other, but not both.

You cannot select Master Volume and Master Mute on multiple devices. For instance, if you have 2 GAIN amplifiers in a project, only one of these can be set to Master Volume and Master Mute. The second one would need to get assigned to an Output level. 

You can select two level controls on the same device for master volume and master mute. If using a DSP that has a stereo level control that you want to track together, both level controls could be assigned as Master Volume and Mute.


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