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How to power and control your AT-HDVS-CAM-HDBT


  • Power locally by using the Power supply that comes with the camera
  • Powering the camera through recommended HDbaseT devices

You cannot power an HDBaseT device from the camera.



  • RS-232
    • The camera can be controlled RS-232 by connecting to the RS-232 port on the camera, or over HDBaseT via RS-232  (Baud 9600)
    • You can run a control system's RS-232 commands into the recommended devices to send RS-232 to the camera
  • IP control
    • Plug into the Ethernet port of the camera and set the IP address on the same domain as your control system to control the unit
  • Remote Control
    • The camera also comes with an IR remote in the box that you can use to control the camera
  • If you are having issues getting an IP address assigned to your camera you can directly connect to it using the lan port to your PC and use this free software: KB01257-How-to-turn-your-computer-Windows-into-a-DHCP-server-to-give-your-Atlona-unit-an-IP-address


 3. Third Party Controller

  • First, you can find the API here AT-HDVS-CAM (HDMI, and HDBaseT) API
    • Understanding the API:
      • 2020-12-10_08h47_23.png2020-12-10_08h26_01.png
      • You will be using the Command Packets from the Visca Protocol list starting on page 4 of the PDF
      • For the example above I have picked the Power On command
      • X is your device ID which by default is "1"  and you can always double-check by logging into the WebGUI of the camera. This can be found in the system settings.
      • 2020-12-10_09h08_06.png
  • To test your camera controls you can download Hercules here Hercules-Setup-Utility
    • You will want to use TCP Client2020-12-10_08h24_37.png
    • Use the IP address of your camera and port 1259 then click Connect. The program will then say connecting and connected if done correctly. 2020-12-10_08h25_30.png
    • I have entered the power on and off command separately with my device ID as "1". I have also clicked the hex checkmark box. After this, you can hit send to control your camera. 2020-12-10_08h28_54.png
  • When sending the Pan and Tilt commands you will have to set the speed of both. 
    • Title up command would be "8x 01 06 01 VV WW 03 01 FF"
    • VV = Pan Speed "01"-"18"  and WW would be tilt speed "01"-"14"
      • Our suggestion is to use 07 for both pan and tilt
      • for example, tilt-up would be on a device ID of 1   " 81 01 06 01 07 07 03 01 FF"
        • Then you would also want to set a stop command on release so that the camera does not continue to go in the direction you gave it
        • example  "81 01 06 01 07 07 03 01 FF" (up command) wait one second "81 01 06 01 07 07 03 03 FF" (Stop command)


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