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Velocity - iOS app sending commands twice.






Summary: When using the Velocity iOS app, you are sending two commands every time you use a remote to control a device.


A couple of examples of this incident include when you send “channel up” to a cable box, and it goes up two channels, or when you send “volume up” and it subsequently sends two commands.



First, to alleviate this issue, you must make sure it is a problem with the iOS app and not another issue.


To identify the source of the problem, go to the VTP or Velocity touch control (via the WebGUI) and try to send the commands while viewing the equipment log.






You can check out the logs of the device you are controlling by clicking on the green traffic light icon in your room technology under the specific device.


In this example I will be using a cable box. 




You should then click the “clear screen” button to make sure you only see the commands you are sending right now.


Example 1 shows us sending two commands when I hit the “volume up” on the IOS app


Example 1                                                                                          




Example 2                                                                                                       


Example 2 shows only one command sending from the Velocity touch controls in your browser (after “clear screen” was clicked)




Now that we know the issue is with the iOS app, we will need to add another control device to the room by using the web browser.

Click on the link below for instructions on how to properly link your iOS device to Velocity.

Velocity - Control Panel - How to configure an iOS device (iPad, iPhone)





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