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Samsung TV Internal Auto Source Switch

If you are using a newer Samsung display (K8000/K9000) you might run into an issue with the internal auto source switch. Samsung has identified a bug with the auto switch feature and will release a firmware update to resolve this challenge in the near future.

This has no impact on Anynet+(CEC) so turning your TV off will still turn off your devices and the volume control will continue to be controlled by the TV.


Every time one of your HDMI sources turns on, the TV automatically switches to the source even if previous source had an input. This can be very frustrating as it can cause the TV to switch in the middle of a movie if a device decides to wake or someone turns it on by mistake. So, to turn this feature off you will need a Samsung IR remote and to do the process detailed below.



  1. Turn TV on and change source to TV.

  2. Ensure the sound is NOT muted. (or it will not work)

  3. Using the IR remote only, enter the following in sequence quickly. Mute + 7 + 2 + 9 + Exit

  4. You will not see anything happen on the screen aside from Muting

  5. Try turning sources directly connected to TV on and off to see fit he TV is auto switching anymore

  6. Please start at step 1 again if you TV is still auto switching and make sure you are hitting the buttons in the right order.

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