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KB01684 - AT-UHD-PRO3 RS232 Zone Commands

The RS232 zones are associated with the numbered HDBaseT output ports.


Zone 1 = HDBaseT output 1ED

Zone 2 = HDBaseT output 2ED


The zone commands need to be sent to the matrix from your control system either via telnet (IP port 23) or through the main RS-232 IN port. The matrix will then forward the string within the square brackets to the connected RX's RS232 port.



The commands are case-sensitive and should not include any spaces used between the square brackets.

For example:

RS232zone1[PWRON]\x0d - This will work fine.

RS232zone1[PW ON]\x0d - since there is a space between "PW" and "ON" then you will need to convert the command string to hex or use a mixed syntax (if your control system supports it).

To convert the string to hex, you can use a simple ASCII to Hex text converter.

Hex: 52 53 32 33 32 7a 6f 6e 65 31 5b 50 57 20 4f 4e 5d 0d - '20' is the hex value for <space>.

Mixed: RS232zone1[\x50\x57\x20\x4f\x4e\x5d]\x0d 

This will not work: RS232zone1[50 57 20 4f 4e]0d

      Note: '0d' is a carriage return and is needed for all commands being sent to the matrix.

      Note: '\x' is a delimiter for a hex value in many control systems. Some controls systems may have a different delimiter 

      such as '$' or '0x' or '0h'. Check with your control system manufacturer for more details.


If your display requires a CR, CR-LF, LF, etc then convert the command to hex to include the terminating character(s)

RS232zone4[PON] Where the display needs a CRLF should be:

Hex: 52 53 32 33 32 7a 6f 6e 65 34 5b 50 4f 4e 0d 0a 5d 0d

Mixed: RS232zone4[\x50\x4f\x4e\x0d\x0a]\x0d 

    Note: 0d 0a = Carriage Return Line Feed


If you are using RS232 control of the matrix then the zone commands will need to come in at the baud rate specified for the matrix, not the baud rate specified for the display.

For example, your display is set to a baud rate of 9600 and the matrix is set to 115200, the command you send should come to the matrix at 115200 and the matrix will convert the command to the set baud rate for your display when it outputs it at the RX.

To configure the baud rate and parity, login to the web gui and navigate to the control tab and set the baud rate and parity appropriate for your display.




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