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KB01679 - Opus Function Key Shortcuts

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Summary: Function key shortcuts

The Function key ("FNC") on the opus can give you quick access to various features of the Opus line of matrices


"FNC" + "1" = Route selected input to all outputs

"FNC" + "2" = Turn IR on "1" or off "2"

"FNC" + "3" =  Select IP address DHCP "1" or Static "2" (Address: Netmask: Gateway:

"FNC" + "4"/"EDID" = EDID selection "1" copy output EDID; "2" select preset EDID for more on this see the following articles:

Via front panel

Via webGUI

For more information about EDID please click here.


Function + Info scroll:

Pressing the function key plus one or more taps of the "5"/"Info" key will cycle through the following data:

"FNC" + "Info" = Firmware ("F/W") version

"FNC" + "Info" x2 = IP address

"FNC" + "Info" x3 = IP port

"FNC" + "Info" x4 = Unit MAC address


"Cancel" will take you out of a selection.


Pressing the "EDID" and "Info" key for 5 seconds will put all settings to factory default.



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