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KB01674 - Discovering the OPUS on a network


How to find your OPUS matrix on your network



The OPUS series matrix has an onboard webGUI for easy set up and troubleshooting the following instructions are on how to get to the webGUI of the OPUS


The following ways to get an IP address that are discussed in this article are as follows:


Device self assignment

Front panel assignment

Via RS232/Serial/TCP assignment



Your OPUS ships with DHCP enabled.

If your network has a DHCP server, you will need to find the IP assigned to your OPUS to connect to its webGUI. You can do this by using any number of network scanning tools/applications.


Device self-assignment:

If the unit is not receiving an IP address from a DHCP server, the unit will default to:





Assign an address with the front panel:

To set the unit to a set static IP, press the FNC button followed by 4 (OPUS-46M will use button 3). Select the Static IP option and press enter. This will set the unit to:





Assign an IP address using RS232/serial and/or Telnet (TCP/IP):

  • If you cannot find your OPUS's IP using the above methods, you can connect directly to it using an RS-232 cable.
    • Your OPUS  has terminal block RS-232 connections. You can make a cable for this connection by following the instructions here.
    • Most newer laptops do not have serial ports, so you may need to use a USB-serial adapter to connect to your OPUS.


  • After your cable is made and connected, use Hterm, PuTTY, or other terminal emulator to send commands.
    • Please see this article for more information on using Hterm. Ensure the "Send on Enter" field in the "Input control" window is set to "CR."



Note: all commands are sent without quotes and for <Carriage return> use your emulators carriage return string

  • "IPDHCP off<Carriage return>" /*turn off DHCP open IP address to be changed*/
  • "IPStatic<Carriage return>"
    • /*please note this is an example the format is IPStatic yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz for x= ip address; for y= subnet; for z= gateway*/
  • "IPCFG<Carriage return>"/*verify the IP address changed*/


You can then use that address in a browser (Atlona recommends either Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox) to access the webGUI.


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