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KB01670 - Disabling HDCP on the AT-UHD-SW-510W


Summary: Disabling HDCP on the AT-UHD-SW-510W

In some cases it may be necessary to disable HDCP on the AT-UHD-SW-510W. This article outlines steps to help.




HDCP is a content protection encrypted protocol required for certain copyrighted content.

You may want to disable HDCP on your 510W inputs—


  • If you are using a video conference system as a sink device, HDCP may not be supported.


  • If you are seeing snow, green screen, or flickering and your sources don't require HDCP.


  • Note: The 510W will not strip HDCP.
    • The 510W will request that your source not use HDCP.



Changing the HDCP Setting


Please see the following instructions for accessing the 510W Web UI.




In the Web UI, navigate to Administration -> Telnet




Disabling HDCP Support for an Input










Enter display:input:hdcp:state:set <input> 0


  • Command isn't case sensitive







Please refer to this table for <input> numbers.


  • Ex:

    display:input:hdcp:state:set 3 0

    • Disables HDCP on the HDMI 4 input

Input #
DisplayPort 1
HDMI 3 2
HDMI 4 3

*BYOD does not support HDCP so you should not have to change the HDCP setting for this input.



Re-enabling HDCP Support for an Input:


  • Ex:

    display:input:hdcp:state:set 3 1

    • Set the last parameter to 1



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