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KB01665 - 510W Phoenix Block Wiring for Balanced Audio


Summary: 510W Phoenix Block Wiring for Balanced Audio

This guide provides an overview of proper balanced audio wiring for the AT-UHD-SW-510W



Wire Stripping

  • Strip your wires to about the length from the plastic tab to the end of the screw.


  • Wires which are stripped too long may touch other wires or objects


  • Too short and the phoenix block clamp will close over the wire's plastic insulation, failing to make contact


Suggested wire stripping length.





 Wire Twisting

  • On the 510W, the shields will connect together.


  • Make sure no strands are sticking out.
    • Twist the strands together clockwise.


  • If you have heatshrink, it is a good practice to cover the foil and shield wire so it doesn't brush against ungrounded equipment. (Not shown)


The Phoenix Block Wire Clamp

  • As you tighten the screws, a metal shelf will move up toward the screws. Insert your wires on top of the shelf and it will clamp the wire upwards into the contact as you tighten the screw.


  • Do not insert wires at the bottoms of the clamps under the metal shelves.




510W Balanced Audio

Wire Insertion

  • Insert the wires carefully so no strands short across the wire slots.


  • Tighten the screws


  • Inside the connector, make sure the clamps are biting into the bare copper and not the wire insulation.


  • Note placement of wires on top of metal shelves.


  • Give each wire a light tug to make sure it is securely clamped.


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