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KB01659 - Known Issue with Pakedge RK1 series Routers on 1.08.0.x FW versions, resolved in 1.08.1.x update

SKUs:  AT-OMNI-512, AT-OMNI-521, AT-OMNI-111, AT-OMNI-112, AT-OMNI-121, AT-OMNI-122

We have observed an issue that is known to Pakedge support related to their RK1 routers on FW builds  1.08.0.x.  On this FW, Pakedge routers can ping Omnistream units on VLAN 10 of the network edge switch, implying bi-directional communication.  However, units attempting to ping back to router are unsuccessful, with traceroute dropping at Pakedge router.

When Pakedge support was contacted, they provided the updated FW build, which after upgrading resolved the issue.

Article ID: KB01659


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