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KB01654 - How Many Rooms Can I Set up with Scheduling Using My Velocity Gateway?


Q: How many rooms can I set up with scheduling using my Velocity Gateway?


A: Please see the following table for more information:

  •  Note: Room scheduling and AV control are independent. You can have up to the maximum rooms with scheduling and up to the maximum rooms with AV control in any combination.


SKU Max Rooms with Scheduling Max Rooms with AV Control
VGW-HW-3 3


VGW-HW-10 20 10
VGW-HW-20 40 20
VGW-SW 40 + VRL* 20 +VRL*
VRL +2* +1*

 *Velocity Room Licenses (VRL) upgrade the VGW-SW by the specified room amounts.

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