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KB01638 - OmniStream & DirecTV - C61K (Mini Genie) Model

DirecTV Receivers are compatible with OmniStream, but both the DirecTV Receiver and the OmniStream Encoder must be configured properly for successful operation.

For OmniStream & DirecTV C61K (Mini Genie) Receivers, please see the instructions below.

For OmniStream & other DirecTV Receivers, please see this Help Center Article: OmniStream & DirecTV

DirecTV Configuration

Note: You may need to temporarily bypass your OmniStream system and connect your DirecTV Receiver directly to a display via HDMI to configure these settings.

Display Settings > TV Resolutions:

  • Uncheck all Resolutions below 720p.


Note: At this time (September 2019) FastSwitching does not support 4K. If you are using FastSwitching on your OmniStream Decoders, then use only 720p and 1080p. If you are not using FastSwitching, 4K will function, and 1080i will also work.

Note: While the DirecTV HR54 (Genie) is required for C61K (Mini Genie) to operate, the HR54 (Genie) itself does not support 4K and is limited to HDCP 1.4. For 4K and HDCP 2.2 support, the C61K (Mini Genie) is required.

Audio Settings > Dolby Audio™

  • Set Dolby Audio™ to On for Multichannel Audio on supported programs. Leave it off to force stereo PCM.


Encoder Configuration


  • Set HDCP Support Version to 2.2


Note: The AT-ETU-SYNC is not required for OmniStream & DirecTV.


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