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KB01622 - Understanding VCC-IR Commands


Summary: Understanding VCC-IR Commands—

This article details the command structure to be used with the VCC-IR. You can use this information for custom Velocity drivers.


The VCC-IR Command Structure

The VCC-IR is controlled using the following parameters:




General Parameters

  • FREQUENCY may be between 15000 and 500000. This is the carrier frequency. Unit is Hz.
  • REPEAT may be between 1 and 50. This will repeat the pulses after the OFFSET parameter.
  • OFFSET may be between 1 and 383. This will start repeats after OFFSET number of ONPULSES/OFFPULSES parameters. Intended to skip preambles in repeated IR commands.


Pulse Parameters

  • #ONPULSES is the number of consecutive carrier frequency pulses which will be set to ON.
  • #OFFPULSES is the number of consecutive carrier frequency pulses which will be left OFF.
  • There must be an even number of #ONPULSES and #OFFPULSES and the command must end in #OFFPULSES.
  • The total number of #ONPULSES and #OFFPULSES must not exceed 520.
  • The minimum value of a given #ONPULSES or #OFFPULSES parameter is 80 x  FREQUENCY / 1,000,000 (or 80us * FREQUENCY) rounded up.


Example Command

This is a power on command for a projector.



  • FREQUENCY = 36000
  • REPEAT and OFFSET are set to the default 1, which will not repeat or apply an offset.
  •  The minimum value of an #ONPULSES or #OFFPULSES command is:
80*36,000/1,000,000 = 2.88, round up to 3.



NOTE: If another sendir command is sent before the current command finishes executing, the VCC-IR will stop the current command execution and begin the new one.


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