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KB01620 - Session Logging via PuTTY

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Summary: Session Logging via PuTTY—

PuTTY is free software that does not require any commercial licenses to use. 

Within PuTTY, there are many useful features and one of these features is "Logging the session data".

This is very useful when you want to monitor a device for a long period of time or if you expect any interruption to the session that might result in the erasure of the data received within the main terminal window. 


The logging feature works for both TCP and serial connections. 

To get started logging a session, you first want to create a blank .txt file with a meaningful name and in a directory that is easily accessible. Make sure the file is NOT password protected. The extension can be either .txt or .log, the file will be a regular text file in either case. 

Before you start a session you need to set-up a few parameters for a successful session login:

Go to the "Logging" tab.Annotation_2019-07-18_143009.jpg


First, you want to select the file previously created, for that simply press "browse" and select the file. 



After that, in the session logging field, you want to select "All session output".



Below the file selection field, there are few important options, this section specifies how to treat data from new sessions. this is especially important if you don't select unique files for logging or if you want to log extra data to the same file. 

Annotation_2019-07-18_144054.jpgThere are some SSH specific options for security reasons, you might want to check or uncheck to "Omit known password field". 


From here, you are ready to start your session as usual by just going to the "Session" tab.



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