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KB01615 - OmniStream R-Type Decoder is Loud


Subject: OmniStream R-Type Decoder is Loud

AT-OMNI-521 OmniStream R-Type Decoder Firmware Version 1.2.4 introduces a feature which adjusts the fan RPM algorithm to reduce fan noise during the idle state.

To ensure the Decoder is in an "idle state", the IP Inputs must be disabled:


This can be accomplished in AMS by navigating to the IP Input tab and disabling the IP Inputs, or your Control System programming can include a command to disable the IP Input when the system or connected display is shutdown, and re-enabled when the system or connected display is powered on again. Here is a link to the API for reference:


If you are experiencing these challenges in your home, speak with your system integrator or control system programmer about ensuring this is implemented in your OmniStream deployment.

Article ID: KB01615

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