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KB01618 - VCC-Relay resetting to SPST after power cycle

Subject: VCC-Relay resetting to SPST after power cycle even though jumpers are set to SPDT or DPDT


Challenge: VCC relay macros are not working properly. Jumpers are set for SPDT or DPDT and macros are configured properly. When you log in to the web GUI of the VCC, both relays are set to SPST. If I change the setting to SPDT or DPDT and save the configuration, it works fine. Once the VCC loses power or is power cycled it will default back to SPST.


This has been observed on multiple VCC relays. For some, the issue will resolve after a factory reset and firmware update. For others, it will not resolve.


To factory reset the VCC:

Press and hold the button on the side of the VCC for 30 seconds. The LED will begin to flash rapidly. After 30 seconds, release the button and power cycle the VCC.

Launch vHelp


Right-click the VCC > Format Flex File System > Yes




To Update Firmware:

In vHelp the VCC should now have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. Right-click -> Update Firmware -> Next -> 





*This issue is fixed in firmware version 710-3000-21

Once complete, click "Exit".

Now you should have a green circle with a checkmark next to the VCC.

Note: the VCC may grab a different IP address depending on how your network is configured.



To configure:

Right-click > Configure. This will open the Web GUI


Now configure your VCC-Relay depending on how you are using it ie. SPST, SPDT, DPDT.


Click "Save Configuration"

To Test:

To test the VCC to see if it will now hold its settings, power cycle the VCC.

After power is restored, log back into the web GUI.

If the setting remains the same as what you set it to, you are done.

If it defaults back to SPST, then an event macro will need to be built to prevent this from happening.

Creating the event macro:

This event macro can be triggered during "Room On" so that it will always be set properly before any other actions take place.

To set the type of relay, you will first have to disable all relays being affected by this change. For this example, we are setting the relay to DPDT so we are disabling all 4 relays.


*note: If doing SPDT on the first set of relays then you will need to disable 1 and 2, if doing SPDT on the second set of relays then you will need to disable 3 and 4.

Once all 4 relays are disabled, you can set the relay to DPDT.


Now every time the Room on macro is triggered, it will reconfigure the relay to the proper settings. 

*Note: These macro commands will need to be triggered before any other commands for screen up/down etc. so that the relay type is correct. Otherwise, the commands will not work until they trigger the macro again.


Article ID: KB01618


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