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KB01619 - Accessing the Web Interface of your HDVS-200-TX-WP


Summary: Accessing the Web Interface of your HDVS-200-TX-WP—This article provides information on accessing the front panel Ethernet port and finding the web interface on the HDVS-200-TX-WP.



  1. Physical Connection to your HDVS-200-TX-WP
  2. IP Settings and Network Discovery
  3. Navigating to the Web Interface

Physical Connection to your HDVS-200-TX-WP

You will want to connect your HDVS-200-TX-WP directly to a laptop or to a network switch with a DHCP server available.

There are two ways to get your HDVS-200-TX-WP connected to a network.

One way is through your HDVS-200-RX: hdvs200rx.svg

 Often your RX will be inaccessible behind a TV or up on a projector. In that case, you can connect to the front panel ethernet port on the wallplate itself. Depending on the faceplate installed, you may have to remove the wallplate and the front cover to access the ethernet port:



IP Settings and Network Discovery

The HDVS-200-TX-WP can be set to a default static IP or to DHCP. It ships with DHCP enabled.

If you are connecting direct to a laptop, it is easiest to use the default static IP. If you are connecting your HDVS-200-TX-WP to a network with a DHCP server, you will want to make sure DHCP is enabled.


Toggling Between DHCP and the Default Static IP

To switch between DHCP and static, hold the INPUT button for 15 seconds. You can also do this to verify which IP mode the HDVS-200-TX-WP is set to. The PWR LED will flash to indicate the current mode:

  • Two flashes: Static IP
    • IP:
    • Subnet:
    • Gateway
  • Four flashes: DHCP


Laptop IP Settings for Direct Ethernet Connection


You will need to set your laptop to a static IP in order to connect to the HDVS-200-TX-WP. To do this, please see the following articles:

KB01567 - How to Set Static IP on a Windows 10 PC

KB01562 - How to set a static IP address on a Mac


Set your IP address to one in the 192.168.1.X range. For example,


Alternatively, you can use a laptop with DHCP server software to connect to your wallplate while it is in DHCP mode. Please see the following articles:

KB01257 - How to turn your computer (Windows) into a DHCP server to give your Atlona unit an IP address

KB01474 - How to turn your computer (Mac OS) into a DHCP server to give your Atlona unit an IP address


Finding your HDVS-200-TX-WP on a Network

If your HDVS-200-TX-WP is connected to a network switch and you don't know the IP address, you can use an IP scanner to find it.

KB01343 - How to scan a network with Advanced IP scanner and find an Atlona unit

There will be a sticker with the MAC address starting with B8:98 on the back of the unit. You can look for this MAC address in the IP scanner results

If you cannot find your HDVS-200-TX-WP, you may need to directly connect to it. See the above.


Navigating to the Web Interface

Once you have your HDVS-200-TX-WP connected and you have its IP address, enter it into a web browser URL bar.

The default login credentials are:

  • User: root
  • Password: Atlona


Article ID: KB01619


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