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KB01613 - SSH on the UHD-PRO3 Series


Subject: SSH on the UHD-PRO3 Series⁠—This article provides SSH configuration information.



If your Web GUI is unavailable and you are unable to connect to your UHD-PRO3 via Telnet, SSH may be enabled.

Enabling SSH on the UHD-PRO3 series will disable Telnet and the Web GUI.



To disable SSH, you will either need to connect to your UHD-PRO3 via SSH to disable the SSH server, connect via RS-232, or perform a factory reset.


Connecting via SSH

Use Windows Command Prompt or a Mac/Linux terminal window for the following commands:

ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss root@<device IP address>


Where <device IP address> is the IP address of your UHD-PRO3. For example,



You will be asked to continue connecting:


Type yes

Then enter your password. The default password is Atlona.

You will then have a command prompt. You can enter the same commands here as you would for an RS-232 connection. To disable SSH, use this command:

syslock off


More commands are available from the UHD-PRO3 API (PDF).


Disabling SSH via RS-232

For information on connecting via RS-232, see the following article:

KB01177 - How to use Hterm (free serial program)

Once you are connected to your UHD-PRO3, the following command will disable SSH:

syslock off


You can also check the SSH status:

syslock sta


Disabling SSH with a Factory Reset

If you are unable to connect to your UHD-PRO3, and you are running a firmware later than version 13 (released 3/17/2016), you can use the front panel buttons to perform a factory reset to enable the web gui. This will erase all of your settings on the UHD-PRO3.

Simply hold the EDID and INFO buttons down together for 5 seconds to perform the factory reset. If you are using a firmware prior to version 13, you must connect via RS-232 to perform the factory reset. See the following article for more information:

KB01077 - How to Reset AT-UHD-PRO3 Matrix


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