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KB01611 - Lock-ups in Network Connected Equipment


SKUs:  All networked Atlona equipment

Subject: Networked Atlona Equipment Lock-ups⁠—This article addresses Atlona equipment performance challenges related to network configuration.



Some network configurations allow mDNS and other multicast packets to cause broadcast storms and undesired equipment behavior. Atlona devices which use a network connection exclusively for control and configuration have 100Mbps interfaces. These are particularly vulnerable and may lock up.

This behavior has been observed when using Sonos and Control4 ShairBridge devices with Atlona equipment on the same network.



  • Remove the network cable from your Atlona unit.
  • Power cycle the unit.
  • If the undesired behavior stops, you may be experiencing a network configuration challenge.



To overcome this challenge the following solutions are recommended:

  • Put your Atlona equipment on a separate VLAN.
  • Enable IGMP Snooping on your network switch.
  • Use RS-232 control of your Atlona equipment and disconnect the LAN cable.


Article ID: KB01611

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