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KB01606 - Accessing the Web Interface of your AT-UHD-CLSO-824 Matrix Switcher


Summary: Accessing the Web Interface of your CLSO-824 Matrix Switcher—This article provides instructions for accessing the web interface and IP configuration details for the CLSO-824.



Discovering Your CLSO-824 on a Network

Your CLSO-824 ships with DHCP enabled.

If your network has a DHCP server, you will need to find the IP address assigned to your CLSO-824 to connect to its web interface. Or you may find the IP address using the CLSO-824 front panel or an IP scanner.


Finding the IP Address Using The Front Panel

  • Press MENU
  • /\ to select the "Info" page
  • Press ENTER
  • Press \/ until you reach the "IP" page

The IP address of the unit will display on the front panel screen.


Switching to Default Static IP Mode

(Feature as of FW 1.0.28, Dec. 1, 2016)


Switching to static IP mode will set a default static IP address


  To switch to this static IP,

  • Press MENU
  • Press /\ twice to select the "IP Settings" option
  • Press ENTER twice to select "IP DHCP"
  • /\ will now toggle between DHCP and static IP mode
  • Press ENTER to save your desired setting
  • Power cycle the CLSO-824


Finding the IP Address Using an IP Scanner

You can use an IP scanner to find Atlona devices on your network, including your CLSO-824 series. Please see this article for more information. If the bottom of your unit is accessible, you can find a sticker there which lists the unit's MAC address.


Finding / Setting the IP Address Using an RS-232 Cable

Your CLSO-824 has terminal block RS-232 connections. You can make a cable for this connection by following the instructions here.

  • You will need to use a USB-serial adapter to connect to your CLSO-824.
  • After your cable is made and connected, you can use Hterm to send commands.
    • Please see this article for more information on using Hterm.
    • Ensure the "Send on Enter" field in the Hterm "Input control" window is set to "CR."


Use the following RS-232 command to obtain the current CLSO-824 network configuration:



Set a static IP address using RS-232:

  • IPDHCP off
  • IPStatic address netmask gateway *


* Ex: IPStatic


Logging In

The web interface of your CLSO-824 Matrix Switcher can be accessed by entering the unit's IP address into a browser URL bar. The default credentials are as follows:

USER: root
Password: Atlona



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