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KB01603 - Accessing the Web Interface of your SW-510W Switcher


Summary: Accessing the Web Interface of your SW-510W Switcher—This article provides instructions for accessing the web interface and IP configuration details for the SW-510W.


Physical Connections

You can connect your SW-510W to a network switch with a DHCP server or directly to your computer via the SW-510W LAN port.


Network Configuration When Connecting Directly to a Computer

If you connect your AT-UHD-SW-510W directly to your computer, you will have to configure your network adapter. Set your network adapter IP to an address in the 192.168.1.X network. Then you can switch your AT-UHD-SW-510W to static IP mode (see below).


Toggling the SW-510W Between Static IP and DHCP Mode

Hold down the INPUT button on the front panel for approximately 15 seconds, then release. You should see all front-panel LEDs begin flashing. The AT-UHD-SW-510W will toggle between DHCP and a default static IP.

  • Two flashes -- DHCP
  • Four flashes--


Discovering Your SW-510W on a Network with DHCP

Your SW-510W ships with DHCP enabled.

The AT-UHD-SW-510W will switch to an IP in the range of after 15 seconds if it is unable to detect a DHCP server. Firmware versions through 1.0.2 include the ability to accept IP addresses from a DHCP server any time after the unit has been powered on.


Using a Display

  • Connect a display to a video output on your AT-UHD-SW-510W.
  • If your AT-UHD-SW-510W has an IP button, press it and the IP address will be displayed.
  • If you do not have an IP button, press and hold your INPUT and /\ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds then release. The IP address will be displayed within a few seconds.


Using a USB Drive

  • While your AT-UHD-SW-510W is powered on, insert a USB drive into the AUX port.
  • After approximately 10 seconds, remove the USB drive and insert it into a laptop.
  • You will find an "AtlonaReport..." file on the USB drive containing your network configuration.
  • The AT-UHD-SW-510W IP will be listed under "Ethernet #1."


Using an IP Scanner

You can use an IP scanner to find Atlona devices on your network, including your SW-510W. Please see this article for more information. If the bottom of your unit is accessible, you can find a sticker there which lists the unit's MAC address.


Using an RS-232 Cable

If you cannot find your SW-510W IP using the above methods, you can connect directly to it using an RS-232 cable. Your SW-510W has terminal block RS-232 connections. You can make a cable for this connection by following the instructions here.

Most newer laptops do not have serial ports, so you may need to use a USB-serial adapter to connect to your SW-510W.

After your cable is made and connected, use Hterm to send commands. Please see this article for more information on using Hterm. Ensure the "Send on Enter" field in the "Input control" window is set to "CR."

Use the following RS-232 command to obtain the current SW-510W network configuration:




Logging In

The web interface of your SW-510W Switcher can be accessed by entering the unit's IP address into a browser URL bar. The default credentials are as follows:

USER: admin
Password: Atlona


If you need to find your SW-510W IP address, the following steps will help.


Resetting Your SW-510W to Factory Defaults

If it is not possible to perform the above steps, or if they do not produce an IP address, you can reset your SW-510W to factory defaults. This will erase all settings and set your SW-510W to DHCP mode.

  • Press and hold the DISPLAY button for 15 seconds.
  • Your SW-510W will reset to factory defaults and will be in DHCP mode.



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