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KB01602 - Discovering your ANC-108D Control Panel on a Network


Summary: Discovering your ANC-108D Control Panel on a Network—This article provides instructions for network discovery of the ANC-108D as well as for instructions to reset the ANC-108D.


Default Network Settings


Firmware Before V1.1.09 (5/21/2019)

Firmware Through V1.1.09
  • Default Network Configuration (factory default):
    • DHCP Enabled
  • Default Network Configuration (after reset):
    • IP: 
      Subnet Mask:
      Default Gateway:
  • Factory default (same after reset):
    • DHCP Enabled


Discovery Using an AMS or an IP Scanner


You can use your Atlona Management System hardware or software to scan your network for the AT-ANC-108D for more information on how to login to AMS and scan the network please see the AT-ANC-108D user manual (Page 18).

For an IP scanner to find Atlona devices on your network, including your ANC-108D. Please see this article for more information. If the back of your unit is accessible, you can find a sticker there which lists the unit's MAC address.


Resetting the Network Settings


  1. Remove the ANC-108D front panel to expose the reset button
  2. Press and hold the upper-right button.
  3. Using a pointed object, press and release the reset button.
  4. The upper-right button will flash twice to indicate the device has been reset.


Please contact Atlona Technical Support for more assistance.


Article ID: KB01602

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