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KB01599 - Helpful Tips for Using UHD-PRO3 Audio


Summary: UHD-PRO3 Matrix Audio—This article addresses challenges relating to UHD-PRO3 matrix switcher audio de-embedding.


The UHD-PRO3 series are primarily video matrix switchers. They also provide 2-channel audio de-embedding.

  • The analog audio output ports on the UHD-PRO3 series always output the audio associated with its respective zone. For instance, Audio Out #1 will always output the audio which is embedded in the signal at the Zone Out #1 port.


If you need to route audio independently of the video in a zone, you will need an audio matrix switcher.

  • The switchers in the OPUS series contain both audio and video matrix switchers in the same unit.


If you are unable to get audio output,

  • Ensure the video source is outputting 2-channel PCM audio.
    • The PRO3 series can only de-embed 2-channel PCM.


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