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KB01593 - S3L-24P Pakedge switch isn't passing Multicast

SKU: S3L-24P Pakage Switch

Challenge: You loaded Atlona default configuration for S3L-24P Pakedge switch and yet it doesn't pass the OmniStream Multicast as expected.

Explanation: The S3L-24P switch isn't accepting VLAN 10 IP Interface using the provided configuration, IGMP Snooping mechanism won't work as expected without VLAN 10 IP address.

VLAN 10 Default IP address (in case you are loading Atlona default configuration file) is with subnet mask of

To finish your switch configuration and start using OmniStream product follow the following steps:


1. Login to the Pakedge switch webGUI

2. Navigate to Administration->Managment->Network Interface->IPv4

3. Fill up the fields and other options:

  • Interface - "vlan10"
  • ARP Timeout - "Set" with value "14400"
  • Primary IP address - "Set" - Static , with value ""

4. Press the "Apply" button

5. Save the configuration, Navigate to Maintenance->Save and save the current configuration


Article ID: KB01593 



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