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KB01568 - Home Router Static Routing with OmniStream

SKU: AT-OMNI-111, AT-OMNI-112, AT-OMNI-121, AT-OMNI-122, AT-OMNI-512, AT-OMNI-521

Subject: Home Router Static Routing with OmniStream

In order for devices that are connected to a home router to be able to connect to OmniStream devices on VLAN 10, a static route must be configured on the home router. This static route is required to send the network traffic to the proper destination.

Configuring static routing will vary by manufacturer, but most home routers have this ability.

Essentially, the router must be instructed to route any traffic bound for the range (also referred to as the range starting with with a subnet mask of will use the gateway

However, if the home router is using the same gateway, then the IP address of the switch must be changed to

NOTE: Without defining a static route on the home router, the system will still function properly but without connectivity to the OmniStream devices (VLAN 10) from the home router.

A static route for the OmniStream ports (VLAN 10) has been defined assuming that the home router is set to If this is not the case, then the static route will need to be modified to enable Internet access to the OmniStream VLAN.

NOTE: If the home router is not set to, then the configuration file may still be used as is, but VLAN 10 will not have Internet access.


Araknis Router NOTE:When connecting to from an Araknis Router to one of our certified switchs you need to disable SPI Stateful Packet Inspection



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