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KB01572 - No video - Savant Control System and Atlona PRO3/OPUS Matrix Switcher

Subject: No video - Savant Control System and Atlona PRO3/OPUS Matrix Switcher


If you are experiencing an instance where you would turn a room on and the display is blank or says "no signal", the video output(s) on your PRO3 matrix may be muted.

To verify this, launch System Monitor, go to Component Status > Atlona PRO3 Matrix > Launch Terminal(at the bottom right of the window)

Once RPM terminal opens, change the Mode to "ASCII"

Type  "x1$ sta" <enter>, where "1" represents the output number of the matrix. If you are getting feedback "x1$ off" then this video output is muted. Repeat for each suspect output.


To unmute the output, type "x1$ on" <enter>. (or  "x(output number)$ on" <enter>). 

You should now see an image on your display.

To disable Savant from sending these commands, open your configuration in Racepoint Blueprint > Double click the matrix profile > Component Control > check "Do Not Manage Power" and "Never Power Off"


Generate Services, Update all UI's, Save, and upload the config to your host.

Savant will no longer send the video output mute command.

Article ID: KB01572

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