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KB01559 - Powering HDBaseT Extenders via USB 5V


Summary: Powering HDBaseT Extenders via USB 5V—In rare cases an HDBaseT extender will no longer power up over PoE or with its included power supply. This article outlines steps to use USB as an alternate power source.


If your HDBaseT extenders no longer power via the provided power supply or PoE, it is possible to power AT-UHD-EX and AT-HDR-EX-20-2PS HDBaseT extenders via USB 5V at the Mini-USB port labelled "FW"


You will need a USB-A to USB-Mini-B cable:


Image result for mini-usb

Note: When powering units via USB 5V, the minimum amperage is 500mA.

Note: If your extenders power via USB 5V or with another similar power supply, but only the original power supply does not work, reach out to and we will send you a new power supply.

If any similar power supply fails to restore power to the unit or USB power is an unacceptable workaround, reach out to to confirm you've gone through these steps and we will work with you to process a warranty return/repair/replacement.

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