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KB01543: How to perform a FW update on the AT-UHD-EX extenders



Summary: How to perform a FW update on the AT-UHD-EX extenders—How to perform a Valens update on the AT-UHD-EX extenders with a Windows PC


  1. Download the Valens FW here.
  2. Extract the firmware, from the archive file, to the Windows desktop or other folder
  3. Disconnect the power from the unit
  4. Connect a mini-USB to USB A cable from the FW port on the unit to your computer
  5. Identify the correct batch (.bat) script for the product that is being updated, from the table below. Note that there are separate scripts for both the TX and RX units.2019-03-06_06h55_30.png
  6. Double click the batch file to execute it.

    Note: This device will try and connect as a USB to Serial adapter. If the batch file does not run, navigate to Device Manager, and check to see that the USB to Serial adapter is connected and has been assigned a COM port. If there is an exclamation point next to the device, right click, and update drivers.
  7. After the update procedure is complete, the software will go through the verification process and then display the following message: 

IMPORTANT: Do not disconnect the USB cable during the update process.

Article ID: KB01543

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