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KB01526 - AT-OPUS-46/68/810 Firmware update using RS232

SKU: AT-OPUS-46/68/810


For those rare cases in which your favorite browser does not finish the upgrade process properly, you may still get it done using RS232. Please follow the following steps.


  1. Download ExtraPuTTY from or the attached file (located at the end of this article).
  2. Extract the provided firmware zip file to a known folder
  3. Connect a RS232 cable from your laptop to the OPUS main RS232 port.
  4. Open putty.exe. (part of the downloaded ExtraPuTTY application)
  5. Change the Connect type to Serial, set the proper serial number on the serial line and set the speed to 115200. Then select Open.


     6. A new terminal window will open. Type fw_upgrade and press enter

     7. Select option 1 to put the OPUS in firmware mode.

     8. Next, select Files Transfer -> YModem -> Send.


     9. A file open dialog box will appear. Select the extracted Matrix package

   10. Putty will begin transferring the file to the OPUS unit. From here it could take up to 20 minutes to complete.  You should see the progress of the update in the Putty terminal windows.



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