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KB01521 - OmniStream Networking

SKU: AT-OMNI-1xx/5xx


Q: What network switches do you recommend for use with OmniStream systems?

A: We have qualified several network switches that are recommended for OmniStream Pro or OmniStream R-Type. Please refer to this document for more information:


Q: What special requirements does the network have for OmniStream to work?

A: The key considerations are IGMP routing and IGMP snooping.


Q: What is the maximum distance between encoder and decoder?

A: Since we’re using generic IP networks, this is totally dependent on the network configuration. Each 1000BASE-T connection (Category cable) maxes out at 100 meters, but up to 256 hops are allowed, and some of those could potentially be fiber runs measured in kilometers.


Q: Does OmniStream require a dedicated IP network, or can it share a network with other traffic

A: We are recommending and supporting a dedicated network for OmniStream, as it makes the switch management much easier. However, if the customer’s IT department is very knowledgeable with transporting multicast video over IP, a shared network may be feasible. Please note that at this time, we cannot provide support for network problems that might arise from such an installation.


Q: What happens if the network for OmniStream is also connected to the open Internet?

A: This would be dependent on the configuration of the router connecting the network to the internet. Most routers block multicast traffic from passing outside the LAN, so this usually wouldn’t create any issues.



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